iPhone 3G[S] Downgrade – iOS 4.0 to iOS 3.1.3

A lot of 3G owners have suffered from extremely slow performance with the 4.0 upgrade. Fortunately, Lifehacker has a great article explaining how to downgrade your iPhone 3G[S] from iOS 4.0 to iOS 3.1.3. Lifehacker – How to Downgrade Your iPhone 3G[S] from iOS 4 to iOS 3.1.3 I just tried this last week and […]

Video Game Emulators for Mac

I loved video games when I was growing up (Aladdin’s Castle anyone?). Now you can play all those old video games on your Mac. All you need is an emulator (the virtual video game console) and ROMs (the virtual video game). Emulators: Emulator Zone ROMs: ROM World The experience gets even better when you buy […]

Create a List of Folder Contents (Mac and Terminal)

Want to create a list of files contained within a folder? It’s pretty easy to do on your Mac with Terminal. Simply navigate to the desired folder with Terminal, then enter one of the following commands: Recursive (all sub-folders): ls -la * >> somefile.txt Non-recursive (no sub-folders): ls -la >> somefile.txt That’s it! Terminal will […]

Screenshot (or Screen Capture) with Mac and Windows

A screenshot, screen capture, or screen dump is an image taken by the computer to record the visible items displayed on the monitor or another visual output device. Here are some links explaining how to take screenshots with both Apple and Windows. Windows: How to Capture Screen Shots in Windows Using the Print Screen Key […]

Fixed: Tabbing problems with forms in Firefox for Mac OS X

If you’re a keyboard shortcut junkie like myself (and using Firefox on a Mac), you’ve probably realized by now that the “tab” key skips over certain parts of a form in Firefox. Here’s how make Firefox tab over every part of a form: Open System Preferences Go to Keyboard & Mouse Select All controls for […]

Doug’s AppleScripts for iTunes

Doug’s AppleScripts for iTunes Download 441 (and counting) free user-contributed AppleScripts for Apple’s iTunes that will make maintaining your digital music collection easier and more fun! Here are some of my favorites: Find Album Artwork with Google Proper English Title Capitalization Search/Replace Tag Text Remove n Characters From Front or Back

Rename Multiple Files – Rename, NameChanger

Automation apps can help you quickly rename multiple files or folders. They have several ways to rename files. You can find and replace characters in a filename, add extensions, number files sequentially, etc. End the monotony!!! Update—Newer Apps: Since the R-Name app is becoming a bit outdated, here are two alternatives that work well—and they’re […]