Apple (alt)ernatives – Google Chrome over Safari

The web browser battles seem to never end. For basic functionality, they all serve the same purpose. Check out the current (and past) browser usage statistics. Web Browser Usage Statistics However, I think Google Chrome is the best browser. It’s fast, updates automatically, and integrates well with your GMail account. It also has an extensive […]

Apple (alt)ernatives – VLC over QuickTime (and iTunes)

I’m starting a new blog series called Apple (alt)ernatives, where I’ll feature better options to Apple products and software. This week, let’s take a look at media players. Instead of QuickTime and iTunes, use VLC Media Player. It supports countless file types, offers many more options, has built-in conversion software, and … it’s free! So, […]

BackBlaze – Online Backup

After several years using different online backup products, I can finally recommend the best one – BackBlaze. It’s inexpensive, provides unlimited storage space, and allows unlimited file sizes. It’s also fast – much faster than the competition (e.g. Carbonite). I was using Carbonite initially, but I switched to BackBlaze due to software problems, slow backups, […]

iPhone AssistiveTouch

My iPhone 5 Sleep/Wake button started to fail, and I missed the window for the Replacement Program. Luckily for me, the iPhone has a feature called AssistiveTouch. AssistiveTouch helps you use your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch if you have trouble touching the screen or pressing the buttons (especially a button that has stopped working). Using AssistiveTouch […]

New Service! Remote Control Computer Support

I’m very excited to introduce a new method of computer service – remote control support. With a new application (TeamViewer), I can temporarily connect to your computer, and provide full support from a remote location! Here’s a quick introduction on YouTube: TeamViewer 7 – Remote Control any Computer See how easy you can remotely control […]

File Naming by Date – Best Practices

Proper file naming will have a big impact on your ability to find files, and file organization in general. It’s a good idea to include information like the title, date, and any other pertinent details. The best date format to following is YYYYMMDD. For example, if you created a file on April 8th, 2009, create the file name: 20090408filename.ext Not only […]

Make a Text List of Folder Contents

From the Finder menu, select Go > Applications Open the TextEdit application Make sure the text file is plain text, not rich text. Select all the contents in the desired folder. Drag and drop the contents onto the text file That’s it! You now have a text list of the folder’s contents.

Reopen Closed Tabs

When you close a browser tab/window (by accident, or prematurely), you can reopen the tab with most web browsers. With Chrome and Firefox, enter Control+Shift+T on Windows and Command+Shift+T on Mac OS X. For Safari, enter Command+Z. This feature comes in very handy!

Extra Account Security: Two-Step Verification

Passwords (even strong ones) aren’t as secure as they used to be. To give your accounts an extra level of security, enable two-step verification. The process usually involves entering your password, followed by a temporary PIN (sent to your mobile phone). Here’s a short list to get started (many others offer the service). Enable two-step verification […]

Stay Away from MacKeeper!

By now, you’ve probably seen online ads for MacKeeper. Actually, you’ve probably seen a thousand ads for MacKeeper. Pop-up ads and misleading advertising is the cornerstone of their business. It’s basically a software advertised to “clean” your computer, but that’s far from the truth. Stay away from this program. The effectiveness (and overall safety) of this […]