Messages App – Send Text Messages With Your Computer

Messages is the built-in chat client included with OS X. You can use it to send text messages using iMessage, or one of many third-party messaging services. It can be cumbersome to compose text messages via iPhone, which makes Messages an excellent alternative to texting. It’s just like sending a normal text message, however you […]

SearchOpener – Perform Multiple Internet Searches Simultaneously

Have a long list of terms to search for? Instead of typing in each query one at a time, use SearchOpener. The site is simple – enter a list or string of text, and SearchOpener will perform multiple searches at the same time. You can even select different search engines, such as Yahoo or Bing. Once you enter […]

Test Your Internet Connection Speed

Does your Internet connection seem slow? Test your speed at Check the results with respect to your Internet service provider’s plan, and make sure the test results are close to the plan you’re paying for.

Search for Emails by Size and More in Gmail

Gmail offers many advanced search options. One of the most useful options is the ability to search by file size. For example, to find emails larger than 5MB, you can search for “size:5m” or “larger:5m.” Search for Emails by Size and More in Gmail For even more options, here’s the full advanced search list for Gmail: […]

New Website – 24ofFame

We’ve start a new website, called 24ofFame is a social network lottery. Every day, one user is randomly selected to share a post. It could be your  “15 minutes”  (i.e. 24 hours) of fame. Think of it like this: You’re at a stadium, and it’s packed. You’re randomly selected to post something on the JumboTron. […]

iPhone AssistiveTouch

My iPhone 5 Sleep/Wake button started to fail, and I missed the window for the Replacement Program. Luckily for me, the iPhone has a feature called AssistiveTouch. AssistiveTouch helps you use your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch if you have trouble touching the screen or pressing the buttons (especially a button that has stopped working). Using AssistiveTouch […]

How to Send a Link

Customers often ask me how to send a website link, via email. Here are the instructions. 1. Visit the website (or page) you want to visit. In this example, I’m going to visit the BBC’s Business section. 2. Highlight all the text in the address bar, and select copy. 3. Paste the link in your […]

Google Maps for iPhone

It’s finally here! Don’t get me wrong – I love Apple. But, I do think that they dropped the ball with Apple Maps. Google Maps for iPhone  

iPhone 3G[S] Downgrade – iOS 4.0 to iOS 3.1.3

A lot of 3G owners have suffered from extremely slow performance with the 4.0 upgrade. Fortunately, Lifehacker has a great article explaining how to downgrade your iPhone 3G[S] from iOS 4.0 to iOS 3.1.3. Lifehacker – How to Downgrade Your iPhone 3G[S] from iOS 4 to iOS 3.1.3 I just tried this last week and […]

eFax Free – Receive Faxes via Email for Free

eFax Free is a free service that allows you to receive faxes via email. Sign up for an account and eFax Free will give you a virtual phone number to receive faxes. The faxes will be sent to your email inbox. Thanks to Greg (a.k.a. DJ Dealer) for mentioning this service! eFax Free