Cut and Paste on Mac

Cut and paste does exist on your Mac—it’s just slightly hidden. The copy function is the same: “Edit > Copy” from the Finder menu Keyboard shortcut: ⌘C (command–C) Now, instead of the paste function, select “Move Item Here” “Edit > Move Item” Here from the Finder menu (while holding the option key) Keyboard shortcut: ⌥⌘V […]

Command Key – The Magic Button

The command key (similar to the control key on Windows) is the magic button for nearly all keyboard shortcuts. Want to copy? Press command-C. Want to paste? Press command-V. It’s easy – and much faster than using a mouse, or trackpad. The Apple menu bar always shows a list of available keyboard shortcuts. The Bowen knot is […]

Show Hidden Files in Dialog Boxes

I found a great keyboard shortcut over the weekend – it allows you to view hidden files in dialog boxes. It’s really quite simple – When an open/save dialog box is on-screen, use the following keyboard shortcut to view hidden files: Shift – Command – Period (⇧+⌘+.) Here’s a screenshot, with hidden files visible: