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Do NOT Buy the New MacBook Pro, or MacBook

For the first time in years, Consumer Reports has decided to not recommend the new MacBook Pro.

I couldn’t agree more.


Since the passing of Steve Jobs, it seems that Apple’s hardware, software, and overall business has been in a downward spiral. Apple Maps, iCloud, password issues, hardware problems, third-party incompatibility—the list goes on and on. And the new MacBook Pro is certainly no exception.

Here are just a few issue with the new MacBook Pro:

  • Lack of ports, connections (USB, SD, HDMI, etc.), and the need for adapters/dongles
  • No MagSafe charger (watch out for that power cord)
  • TouchBar—it’s more of a gimmick
  • Cost—$4300 for the most expensive model, and that one maxes out at 16GB of RAM
  • Hard drive space is much smaller, due to the new SSDs. An upgrade to a “normal” drive capacity can cost $600.

The list could go on and on. Luckily, the MacBook Air is still around, which I highly recommend. My 11″ Air is the best computer I’ve ever owned.

Also, don’t forget about the Apple refurbished store. It’s the same as the Apple Store—and you can get one of the earlier MacBook (Pro) models!

p.s. Only purchase refurbished products directly from Apple—never from a third-party store, or user. You never know what the device has gone through. With Apple’s refurbished store, they test and certify all products. You literally will not know the difference before a refurbished model, and one from the factory line.